Monday, 16 July 2018

Why Heavy Lord Ganesha on Tiny Mouse…?

Lord Ganesha has an elephant head, gigantic and heavy, and at his feet a petty and tiny mouse. The mouse is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. The tiny mouse carries the heavy elephant-headed Lord Ganesha. Looking esoteric … isn`t it?

Why lord Ganesha chose a mouse as his mount…? What it indicates…? What is its symbolism…? What the message and knowledge this esoteric story wants to convey…? Let us try to understand its logic, science, and psychology.

According to a legend - the mouse which is the mount of Lord Ganesha was a very powerful demon named Krauncha. He was disrupting everyone and everything with his power.  He had become unbridled. Everyone had ceded before his power and atrocity.

Day by day his destructive power was increasing. He tried to disrupt lord Ganesha also. A big fight took between that demon and Lord Ganesha. Eventually, lord Ganesha defeated and controlled that demon. That demon was very impressed by the feat of Lord Ganesha and requested him to be his mount and serve him.

Once that mouse was trying to control lord Ganesha, now he is controlled, and as a mount, he does whatever lord Ganesha orders and carries where he wants. Always amenable, obedient and dedicated.

Mouse signifies our mind. Like mouse our minds ramble here and there and not remain stable at one place or topic.

You can find a mouse gnawing something always. That is the nature of mouse. The teeth of mouse always keep growing until they die. That creates irritation in their teeth. To remove their irritation and stop the teeth growing more than required, they need to gnaw something.

 If they will not take the corrective action to stop growing their teeth, they will die because of that growth. To save themselves, whatever comes, good, bad or ugly, in their ways, they start gnawing. They do whatever they do according to their nature, but it is destructive for others. Nobody wants to keep any destructive rodent like a mouse in their house.

The nature of mind is not different from the nature of a mouse. The way mouse keeps gnawing something always, our minds always keep thinking something, no matter - it is good, bad or ugly. Even in our sleep, our minds work in the form of dreams.

Our minds always need something to think. If there is nothing to think, it gets irritated and it becomes dangerous for the self. The mouse can slither through tiny holes and narrow pathways, dirt, clean, even in the darkness of night, the way our minds do.

Our thoughts determine our life. Good thoughts create a good life and evil thoughts create a life full of miseries and sufferings. If our minds are controlled and well directed, it can carry us to the paramount of the success, if not, it can destroy our existence. The human mind is the best of his friend if it is controlled, otherwise worst of the enemy.

Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 6, verse 5 and 6) says -
“A man must elevate himself by his own mind, not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well. For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy.”

Initially, we struggle and fight with our mind. An unbridled mind is the greatest enemy sitting inside us. It creates lots of obstruction in our life. Once we persist and conquer our mind, it becomes a faithful, obedient and dedicated vehicle for our success, happiness, and prosperity. It carries us where we want and accomplishes what we assign.

A mind can be controlled by intelligence and Lord Ganesha is the symbol of intelligence and wisdom. That is why, as a symbol, the mouse has been depicted as the mount of heavy lord Ganesha.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Is Human Race in Danger...?

According to Matsya Purana – King Manu was taking bath in a river. There, a small fish approached Manu and begged him for its rescue from the big fish. He took that little fish in his cupped palm and put that in a jar. The fish grew and the jar became insufficient for it. Then, he put that fish in a pond. After some time, that pond became insufficient for that fish. Again, he put that fish in a river. After some time, that river also became insufficient for that fish. At last, he put that fish in an ocean. That little fish became so huge that even that ocean became insufficient for that fish.

Manu understood that there is definitely some divine intervention in it and with folded hand, he requested to the giant fish to reveal his true identity. At last, that fish revealed his identity as Lord Vishnu and suggested Manu to collect all the seeds of the earth and take shelter on the highest peak of the Meru Mountain because a great deluge is going to take place in 7 days.  And this would be Maha pralaya, a great dissolution. Nothing will be spared in this Maha pralaya.  

That was the indication of the re-cyclic process of nature. In certain duration, nature repeats its re-cyclic process. Once there was domination of Dinosaurs. Now, there is no trace of Dinosaurs. Nature destroyed Dinosaurs along with all other creatures. At that time, there was no existence of human. After the re-cyclic process, again, other creatures came into existence on this planet along with humans. Many creatures came into existence and extinct over time in this re-cyclic process.
Time is not very far when this re-cyclic process would be repeated and the human race would lose their trace forever. Nature is giving warning by becoming violent day by day. The storm, flood, and other natural calamity are the reminders of the violent nature of nature.

The human race is in danger. This is not only a mythological warning, but it is scientific too. A well-renowned scientist and physicist Stephan Hawkins said – human needs to find the shelter on other planets in order to save the human race as a whole. This earth is in danger. The human race is in danger.

The Most Underdeveloped Creature is Human

Human is the only creature who slips out from the womb of the mother immaturely and underdeveloped. Nine-month is not sufficient for a human fetus to mature in the womb. The human requires at least 18 months for becoming a fully developed fetus. Human fetus cannot face the nature just after coming out from the womb of the mother. Other creatures get their required immune and maturity inside the womb of their mother to face the nature. When the animals slip out from their mother`s womb, within one or two hours they start walking or crawling according to their nature. But, this is not true for a human fetus. They need at least 9 months extra care and cradle after coming out from the womb of the mother to attain the required immune and maturity to face the nature.

The kids of other animals can survive even no one cares for them after coming out of the womb. But, this is not the case with the human. Human kids will die shortly if they can be left unattended from their birth. Human womb cannot hold the fetus till its maturity, because, they do not have the required strength to hold the fetus for so long. Humans are not matured or fully developed like other creatures. How can an undeveloped creature give a developed birth?

Other creatures are fully developed, they have reached their level. They have learned what they had to learn. There is nothing pending for them to be learned for their survival. Humans are not fully developed, but they are born with an infinite potential to improve and progress and reach any level.
Lion would be a lion and wolf would be a wolf and vulture would be a vulture. They cannot be nothing more than what they are born with. They are perfect and complete in their existence. A lion is born with inbuilt hunting skill. He does not need to go anywhere to learn it. The same is true for other creatures, but not for the humans. Humans can learn anything what they want or not learn anything - that is their choice.

Other creatures are born with perfection. But humans are born with potential, not with perfection. Humans can be changed and molded and programmed for anything else. There is no limitation. This is possible because of our immature and undeveloped birth. We cannot be perfect at any point in time, there is always a better way ahead. The moment when someone thinks that he is perfect, he loses his privilege to be a human, because the perfection is not the quality of human, it is the quality of animals.

Humans are underdeveloped, immature and imperfect. In the quest for development, maturity, and perfection, humans have progressed a lot. Whatever we have achieved or developed today is going to obsolete tomorrow. And again, we quest for something else. Nothing can give peace and tranquility to human rather than their continuous progression.

 Humans can neither be fully developed nor perfect nor can they be fully matured ever in their life. They can only improve and progress over time. Consistent improvement and progress is the inbuilt quality of human. A human can learn and achieve anything. He can start from anywhere and reach anywhere. Since nobody is perfect, anyone can be surpassed by anyone by putting more effort and extra diligence. The immature, imperfect and underdeveloped birth of the human is blessings by which he rules this planet.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Who Concerns About Death...?

Knowledge and understanding are the transcendental of fear of death. Everywhere, every moment, we observe nature renewing itself with the cycle of consistent birth and death. Old leaves are falling, new leaves are taking birth, old trees are falling, new plants are taking birth, the fruit is falling from the tree, it is becoming a seed, the seed is becoming a plant, plants are becoming trees, then flower and fruit and again they are falling down. These are all happening right now in front of us. By seeing this, do we fear? No, because, we know that this is the ultimate design of nature. We understand that without this renewal process this universe will cease to exist. The interminable cycle of birth and death makes the universe live and sustainable.

Have you observed any flower, any leaf, any tree, tiny or gigantic, living an incomplete life or living in fear of falling? They blossom, they bear fruit and they swing with the wind till their last moment. They live a complete being till their last moment without any fear and compunction.

These natural incidents teach and encourage us to live a complete and happy life with full of joy before the body ceases to respond to the resources around. The earth, the mountain, the sky, the moon, the sun, the vast ocean, these are all ours, and these are here to make us live in an unlimited joy and enthusiasm. They are helping us without asking for anything in return. Always smiling and welcoming. A chocked and disturbed mind refuses to recognize it and induce us to live in trepidation and miseries. An ignited and intelligent mind notices it and remains thankful for everything around. The blessed life must be lived to the fullest before it is engulfed by the whirl of the time. This state of realization cannot be attained until the concept of life, death, time and space is understood.

No other creature than human concerns about death. Livings should be our concern, not death. The death should be the matter of understanding, not of fear. The human body is a miracle. This is the biggest gift of nature to us. This is our responsibility to keep our mind and body healthy and functional and express our gratitude to nature for this miraculous gift. Our concern must be - utilizing the full capacity of the miraculous physical body and mind to live in abundance and bliss. The current body is a temporary residence of the soul. It is up to the holder, whether he clings to it by understanding this temporary as permanent and suffers or lives his life wisely by understanding the truth.

A bird is not concerned about its death. A tree is not concerned about its death. Their concern is their livings. No creature except humans contemplates and commits suicide. Death is not to be feared, it is the law of nature, which is inevitable. You are concerned about death or not, you fear death or not. It does not matter, this is certain and everyone has to accept this reality. The earlier the realization, the more enjoyable the life would be. There is no benefit of fear about which is certain. Rising and setting the sun, day and night, and so on are certain. Do we fear? Likewise, the death should not be feared or concerned as it comes with the certain promise of new life in a certain body.

Only those people are concerned about death who does not know how to live a great life. You can understand and live your life only when you can understand your death. When you understand it, you will never dare to squander your time on something which brings miseries and suffering in your life. Your concern would be living a gifted life to the fullest without repent and guilt. When death would knock at your door, happily you would embarrass it, because you have lived your life to the fullest and you do not have any complaint about your life. 

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Wine or Divine

Our mind cannot distinguish between big and small problems or thoughts. Whatever comes into our mind, our mind takes it as a task and processes it with the same sincerity. And stuck with that task and continuously revolves around it until and unless it gets the solution of it or that problem is superseded with a bigger one.

Who decides which problem is big or small…? We decide and convince our mind that this problem is the bigger problem than others; this task has higher priority than others, and our amenable mind starts executing it the way it is convinced. Our mind cannot stay even a single moment without thinking about something. Thinking is the nature of mind. In a normal state, we cannot avoid it. When our mind becomes incapable to find any convincing solution of the problem revolving in the mind for a longer time, the mind becomes restlessness.

People try to find the solution of that restlessness in either wine or divine. Wine drains our energy and makes us mentally frail, and temporarily, we become oblivious to our immediate problems.  It does not mean - that problem has vanished from our lives. With this method our problem becomes more tormenting over time because we are not providing the solution to the problem, rather we are just trying to avoid the same.

Either provide the convincing solution to make our mind calm down or do something that our mind stop thinking for certain period of time on that topic. Wine works on the latter solution. And there is also a very strong adverse effect on our physical and mental health with this method.

The message is processed in our brain through neurotransmitters when one synapse connects to other synapses through chemical emits in our brain. Wine or any other form of intoxication interferers between the two synapses and stop the message to flow in our brain.  In this way, our brain stops thinking for certain period of time on that topic. But, when the effect of intoxication disappears, our mind again starts revolving around the same topic. The more we try to avoid any topic, the more convincing it becomes for the mind to think over it.

Until and unless our mind is not going to be free from trivial things, our mind would not be ready to perceive the higher thoughts.

Devine infuses energy and makes us mentally strong. Even our tormenting problem is reduced to a trivial one in front of our mental power. Devine method does not assure us the absence of the problem in our life or obliterate all the problems of our life permanently; rather it provides us strength and method to handle them positively without transgressing our inner being.

Devine method means – understanding the nature of mind how it works, and how it can be pacified, and how an amazing work can be taken from its amazing power. There are various methods are available for achieving this feat. Few are – meditation, contemplation, just observing the flow of thoughts without intervening it, check the authenticity of the thoughts, tracing the origin of the problem to find whether that problem is solvable or not, if it is solvable, then solve it, if it is not, accept it and move ahead. All the problems of the life cannot be solved; some must be accepted as it is. 

When our mind is convinced that this problem cannot be solved as there are various external dependencies on it, it accepts and leaves and moves further. And what that can be solved; it puts its efforts and solves it. Through this method, either our mind finds the solution or accepts it, but never becomes restlessness. That conditioning of mind opens the doors for us for divine qualities to flow in our existence.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Why Is India Unable To Produce Experts?

India got a grand success in producing learned workers to a very large extent which can roll a business or project or idea but cannot give a new dimension to it. Nevertheless, somewhat, we have not succeeded in producing experts who can give a pristine dimension to business, project or idea and can drag it to a next level. Still, we wait for the instruction of the foreign experts in taking our steps forward.

It is not because; we have less brain or having some learning incapability. In fact, Indians have great learning capability, due to this, India is dominating the world in the service sector especially IT industry. However, those capabilities have been used to create workforces of great workers, not experts.

And we are not becoming experts in one technology or application or domain, because of the instability of ours in one project or application or domain or technology for a longer time. After this errant jump, we become a jack of all trades, but master of none. We end with becoming a country of great workers, not experts. Masters are respected, revered and worshipped, not Jacks. Jacks are used in supporting the masters. Experts are always handled with respect and value, not workers, no matter, how great and a hard worker you are.

If India is thinking to dominate the world in the area of technology and business, then India needs to create an environment where people must think about becoming the expert what they take in their hand and decide to do in their life. The majority chooses their career, not because they like it rather they do it because they find many possibilities of making more money. You cannot be an expert in something which you do not enjoy doing it. In this case, you would never bother to go further and find new possibilities in your chosen stream.

People need to change their slave mentality of doing any work only for money but think about the passion and happiness in that job.

Developed countries are developed because they emphasize in producing more experts in their country. They issue Visa for their countries for those who are experts in some particular stream. They are experts, it is not because of their mental ability is different than Indians have, it is because - they plan their career very meticulously. They do not choose their career blindly. If they are comfortable with technology, they will do something in that area, if they are comfortable with management, they will proceed and try to do something great in that area only. They do not create unnecessary doubt and confusion in choosing their career. And they give ample amount of time to themselves to the profession they have chosen to acquire the expertise in that. That`s the reason - we can find many experts in less populated developed countries, but hardly we find experts in this populated country.

No way, but we need to create such kind of environment where experts are respected and given value in this country because of the skill and expertise they carry, not merely on the basis of how much money they make from their work.

The Indians must be known for their expertise, not only for the good workers. Foreigners should come to India, not in the mere search for cheaper workers, but for seeking the expert advice. And India has this potential.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Do We Have That Much Courage And Confidence To Execute Our Power And Rights?

The constitution of India was accepted and adopted by the constituent assembly on 26 November 1949 and after two months; it was implemented on 26 Jan 1950. The best thing came out of this constitution who gives an ultimate power to every citizen of this country is the fundamental rights which have been mentioned in article 14 to 32 of the constitution. It is so powerful that – if you think that your fundamental right is in danger, you can directly challenge the Supreme Court and Supreme Court is bound to listen to it.

That is great news - but, do we have that much courage and confidence to execute our power and rights…? Suppose we are going on the road, a traffic police stops us. Most of us get disturbed because we do not know what the power we have as a citizen of this country. According to article 20 and 22 of the fundamental rights, we have the power to ask our offenses, and that is his duty to explain you about your offenses to your satisfaction. If he fails to do so, you can sue him, and he can be suspended from his job. But most of the people find bribing is an easy option. They do not know that by doing so they are not executing their fundamental duties towards the nation, which has been mentioned in article 51-A of the constitution. In this way, we encourage corruption in our country.

According to the section 171B of IPC 1860, the people who ask for a bribe should be behind the bar, not in the pub doing a party with our money. Do we have that much courage and confidence to do that? Do we have that much courage and confidence to pay the fine for the offenses we have done instead of bribing someone?

If you know your rights and basic laws of the land, two things predominately will happen with you-
1    1. You will have immense confidence in you and the constitution.
2    2. You will not break the rights of anyone because you know what the consequences you may face.

Many offenses are done by people because they do not know what could be its consequences or they do not know according to the law that is an offense. The constitution of India assumes that all the citizen of this country knows the law of the land. That means – not knowing the law of this country is illegal.
Do not ask what this country has done for us. This country has done the plethora of things for us. This country has created the base for our development. This country has provided the freedom to work here without any atrocity. Our ancestors have fought many deadly battles very bravely to make this country independence. They have lost their lives and luxury, so that, we can take our breath in a free country. Now, the time has come to ask ourselves what we can do for this country in our power and capacity.

This land has been a dwelling place of our forefathers. This land is a dwelling place for us. This land is going to provide a shelter for our children. This is our responsibility and fundamental duties to make this country beautiful and powerful. And this possible only when we throw our all wrong notions, assumptions, delusion, illusion and superstitions and be more logical, radical, rational, scientific and constitutional, only then we can expect that India is going to be superpower in coming years, it is going to regain its lost glory, its richness, and abundance.